Author: Dhruv Vishwasrao

(Outdoor Leadership Course April 2019)

In the warm month of June, I walked a route which took me deeper into the vibrant valleys of Kashmir and a step further away from civilization. With signals of contentment being sent to my brain from what my eyes could grasp all around and a slight huff in my breath, I carried my rucksack, my home for the next few days, at a steady pace along the Aru valley with a goal to view the Tarsar-Marsar lakes at the other end. The warm day had a nice breeze which added a bounce in my step as I made headway into this trip with no companion alongside except dozens of thoughts which present themselves to you at the start of a journey. My first solo trek, and so the jitters were a tad bit more. The training done under protective custody was now going to be tested.  As the season was still to begin in this beautiful valley for 2019, the trek route was sparse of people, with the occasional local residents making way for the only villag…